Prevention of the epidemic is everyone's responsibility

COVID-19 and
hiring with EZU Car Rentals

Our commitment to you

EZU is committed to doing all it can to keep you and your family safe during the current COVID pandemic and any other national health crisis.

What you can do to help

  • Please do not travel if you are required to self-isolate or have symptoms of either COVID-19 or the flu.
  • Practise social distancing from other people - both other customers and our staff. It is all about caring for others.
  • Observe proper hand hygiene as outlined by the health authorities.
  • Please tell EZU if someone contracted COVID-19 during your hire so we can protect our staff and ensure the car is given a deep clean.
  • Feel free to use the QR code to record your visit to our office.

What EZU is doing to keep you safe during the pandemic

  • Vehicle sanitation

    We are maintaining high standards of vehicle cleaning and grooming to ensure we minimise your risk of catching COVID. We carefully clean every car before your hire. We pay special attention to sanitising all surfaces that are frequently touched, such as the steering wheel, gear-stick/transmission leavers, window controls etc.

  • Staff hygiene

    We are committed to protecting our staff and ensure they do not spread COVID-19 to our customers. We therefore use hand sanitizers, masks, gloves and insist that hands are frequently washed.

  • Clean office

    We regularly and carefully keep our branch offices clean and sanitized. Focus is given to counter tops and other high-touch surfaces.

Carefully clean every car

Ensure the safety of
employees and customers

Cancelling your booking

EZU understands we live in uncertain times. If your booking is adversely effected by COVID-19 and you need to make an unexpected change, we will do all we can to facilitate your request.

  • If you book directly with EZU, there is NO charge to cancel your booking if it is related to COVID-19.
  • If you book through a booking agency e.g. an online search website, they normally offer insurance that covers cancellations. We strongly encourage you to take this so that there are no unexpected charges at their end due to a COVID cancellation.
  • If you have any question or unsure what to do, we would welcome your inquiry. Please Contact us using this form or feel free to phone the branch where you are picking the car up from.