Finding a Work partner

    At EZU we want the best possible team to offer excellence in customer service. The only way to do that is to invest in people. We value our staff and are always looking to improve.

  • Qualities we value

    Qualities we value

    Honesty, Integrity

    Reliable ability

    Friendly personality

    Attention to detail

    Willing to help others

    Focus on the customer

  • What we offer you

    What we offer you

    We offer you a Supportive team environment, Opportunity for promotion, and Flexible work hours.

  • Receptionist Christchurch / Auckland


    1. Entertain customers
    2. Help customers to signing car rental contract, collecting car rental, insurance, additional items and other related fees, guiding customers to pick up the car and other work )
    3. Help customers to complete the car Drop-off process (Including: Inspect vehicle exterior and interior for damage, check fuel tank )

    We are looking for this position on a long-term basis and welcome your resume

Applying for a job

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