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We all love road trips. You are in charge of your itinerary and can change it at will. You have the freedom and flexibility to follow your path. Not to mention making memories in the land that gave us the Lord of the Rings.

When you travel to New Zealand, renting a car may be the ultimate path to follow. This is if you are looking to enjoy those breathtaking landscapes or visit the sheep on the South Island.

But before you go and google "car rental Christchurch" or "car rental Queenstown", we have a comprehensive guide that will tell you everything you need to know about renting a car in Aotearoa.

Translate Your license

This may sound a bit weird, but in New Zealand, it is a regulation.

Since New Zealand is an English-speaking country, all motorists must have their licenses in English or carry an official translation. So, our advice is to get the translation done before you travel to New Zealand, or at least as the first thing when you get there.

If you choose the former option, then your country's consulate should be able to help. But if you decide to get it done in New Zealand, then the New Zealand Transportation Agency will complete the translations for you.

But chances are, getting it done in your own country will be cheaper or even free.

  • One Lane Bridges and Narrow Roads

    New Zealand has beautiful roads. But they are small. However, they make up for this with big and clear signs that help you navigate your path.

    Another thing to anticipate when it comes to driving in New Zealand is the one-lane bridges. This means that the bridges can only accommodate one vehicle at a time. If two cars are driving from opposite ends of the bridge, the car with the right of way will drive through the bridge first.

    Knowing if you have the right of way all depends on the big road signs on either end. The side with the right of way will have a blue sign and two arrows; one white and another red.

  • Know the Weather Forecast for the Day

    The weather in New Zealand is notorious. It can change at any time.

    So, you need to check the forecast for the day, before you begin your road trip. We want to emphasize that this is particularly true if you will be doing your New Zealand travel in winter.

  • Watch Out for the Animals

    New Zealand is an animal-rich country. Our country has over 25 million sheep, which is a greater number than the total population of the country.

    As you cruise by, watch out for the animals. Drive at the recommended speed and be careful not to hit those furry guys.

Factors to Consider for New Zealand Car Rentals

In planning your road vacation, we recommend you do your research first. And when picking a New Zealand car rental company, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Car Shopping

    This is the most important aspect of the actual road trip. When you pick a car from a rental company, your travel group size should come into play.

    Compact Car

    If you are travelling as a couple, then having a pick from the compact rental cars could be the best option. There will be enough room for the both of you to paint the country red.

    Intermediate Car

    If the road trip is for you and your small family or a small group of friends, then you will want to go for intermediate rental cars. Intermediate cars are also five-seaters, but they will give you more room than a compact car.

    SUVs and People Movers

    These will give you the full road trip experience. Picking an SUV would be ideal if you have a family of five. It will give you more room than an intermediate car and help you trek those country roads.

    But if you have a bigger group, go for a people mover.

  • Early Booking

    This is not only true with flights. The earlier you book, the cheaper the price will be. But since the pandemic, it is not just about the price. It is also about getting a car.

    The car rental market in New Zealand has experienced a significant blow from the pandemic. And to survive, businesses had to sell some of their vehicles. This has contributed to rental shortages in the country.

    Booking your vehicle early will not only come with a cheaper price, but it will come with an actual car.

  • Car Insurance

    Most rentals have basic insurance for every car you rent. However, the basic plan often demands a deposit and an excess should the car be damaged.

    But a full plan doesn't have any financial obligations. When your car is on full coverage, you will not be required to pay any pre-authorization or excess fees.

  • Pick-Up Location

    New Zealand Car rentals have several locations for you to pick up your car. Of course, these locations are entirely dependent on your airport location. EZU has car rental locations in four major cities in New Zealand.

    Car Rental Christchurch

    If you land in Christchurch, then our location in this English heritage city will gladly serve you. You will find our rental 5 minutes away from the airport. But don't worry, you won't have to walk. our free shuttle service will pick you up from the airport.

    Auckland Car Rental

    Auckland is not just a major city, it is a place of fun, culture, and hills. Should you plan to start your road trip with views of the Auckland Harbour Bridge, then call our Auckland car rental.

    Car Rental Queenstown

    If you are one for adventure, you will most probably be landing in Queenstown. And once you do, our Queenstown location is only five minutes away from Queenstown Airport.

Travelling Through New Zealand

Road tripping around New Zealand is one of those bucket list moments. You will be awed by nature and even fall in love with some sheep.

Whether you are looking for a car rental Christchurch or an Auckland car rental, EZU Car Rental will not disappoint.

Contact us to book the vehicle for your next experience.

FAQS About Car Rentals in New Zealand

Whether for business or leisure, New Zealand received almost 3 million visitors in 2019. Tourist numbers dropped due to the global pandemic, but those figures are set to get back on track this year.

The majority of visitors choose to travel to New Zealand by car. It's the most convenient and efficient way of exploring the land of Kiwis. But there are also plenty of questions to be answered before you rent cars in New Zealand.

To make your journey by car as smooth as possible, we compiled a list of the most FAQs. And answered everything from the best car rental in Christchurch to the cost of parking.

If that interests you, keep reading to uncover the answers to the most FAQS about a car rental in New Zealand!

  • How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Car in New Zealand?

    The cost of each car varies. It also depends on the duration of time you wish to rent one.

    Our budget-friendly Auckland car rental service starts at only $19.99! You also get the bonus of no debit card and EFTPOS fees.

  • Can I Rent an Automatic Car?

    Yes, you can! If you're not used to driving a stick shift, no need to worry, we have a wide range of automatic cars.

  • How Much Does It Cost to Park in New Zealand?

    The prices of parking vary from location to location.

    In Christchurch, the rate per hour in Lichfield Street car park is 4.00 NZD. In Auckland, it costs 5 NZD for most Pay by Space parking spaces.

    Some car parks offer daily rates for under 20 NZD.

  • How Much Does Gas Cost in New Zealand

    As of summer 2022, the average cost of gas in New Zealand is 3.06 NZD per liter. The minimum price in the nation is 2.79 NZD, and the maximum is 3.34 NZD. For comparison, the average cost of gas in Australia during this period is 2.12 NZD.

    The average capacity of a fuel tank is between 40-70 liters. So, on average, it will cost you 122-214 NZD to fill one.

  • What Type of Cars Can I Rent?

    You can rent anything from large people movers to compact hatchbacks. So whether you're traveling solo or with a group of friends, you can find the perfect car for you.

    We also have SUVs for those exploring outside the towns and cities.

  • Can I Pick up a Rental at the Airport?

    You can pick up car rentals at the Auckland car rental, Christchurch, and Queenstown airports. You can also select a different drop-off location from where you began your journey.

  • What Type of Cars Can I Rent?

    You can rent anything from large people movers to compact hatchbacks. So whether you're traveling solo or with a group of friends, you can find the perfect car for you.

    We also have SUVs for those exploring outside the towns and cities.

  • What Side of the Road Do They Drive on in New Zealand?

    Most countries drive on the right-hand side of the road. But in New Zealand, along with 70 other nations, we travel on the left-hand side.

    That means you must give way to the right and drive in a clockwise direction on roundabouts.

  • Should I Rent a Car in New Zealand?

    Yes, you should! Traveling by car is the best way to travel to New Zealand.

    A car rental allows you to get off the beaten track and explore the country at your own pace. Not to mention the comfort of sitting in a cozy car while you blast your favorite road trip playlist!

Choose the Best Car Rental in Christchurch and Beyond

There are many reasons you should rent a car in New Zealand, but there are also plenty of things to know before you rent one.

Today we answered most FAQs about car rental in New Zealand. So now, you should know all the information and why traveling by car is the best option. If you still have questions about a car rental in Christchurch, contact us today, and we'll be happy to help!

Drive Safe

Your safety is our priority. New Zealand roads are particularly challenging. For your own safety you are urged to read the "Drive Safe" website ( ) and the booklet put out by the NZ Transport Agency, "Driving in New Zealand" ( ).

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