How to Find the Best SUV Car Rental Deals in New Zealand

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How to Find the Best SUV Car Rental Deals in New Zealand


Caves on the beach, world-class burgers, mountainous views, and three islands as your playground-New Zealand is a vacationer's dream.

The land of the long white cloud has more to see and do than any itinerary can accommodate. Sometimes, you just need to trek the less traveled path. And if you are looking to explore hidden gems, then we say nothing spells freedom like a highway vacation. And that is why visiting an SUV car rental is a must if you are traveling to New Zealand.

But before you hop onto that plane, here are a few things to know about car booking in New Zealand.

  • SUV Car Rental Checklist

    SUV Car Rental Checklist

    New Zealand car rentals have an array of SUVs that can make picking a car rocket science. But we have a checklist that may make your car rental process a lot less complicated:

  • Budget

    Having a set budget when you are deciding on a vehicle will not only help you know what you can afford but also help you narrow down your search.

    Some car rentals, like EZU SUV car rental, offer quality cars at an affordable price. With these prices, you can enjoy your vacation without the financial burden.

  • Travel Party

    The size of your travel party is another great way to narrow down your search. Any SUV you pick will accommodate 5 passengers making it the perfect choice for family vacations.

    But the difference comes with the luggage space. Some SUVs, like the Toyota Rav4, will offer you space for two large luggage bags, while others may offer you more luggage space. So, if you travel light, the Toyota could be a good choice.

  • Fuel Efficiency

    If you are traveling from Hong Kong or Norway, then you know fuel mileage on a car matters. You want to make this one of your priorities when you pick a car.

  • Road Assistance

    When you are deciding which car rental to pick, you want a company that offers road assistance. Should anything go wrong on the road, you will want a company that will jump to your aid, regardless of time. The best car rental deals will come with a 24hr road assistance.

  • Hidden Fees

    This is where vacationers unwittingly blow their budgets. When you rent a car, ask about every fee upfront. Do you have to pay one-way fees? Are there any deposits you have to put down before renting the car? Knowing about any hidden fees will help you plan your budget with accuracy.

  • Insurance

    There are three categories of car rental insurance offered with most car rental deals: basic insurance, full insurance, and limited insurance. Both basic and limited car insurances come with upfront fees and excess should there be any damage.

    We recommend full insurance, which comes with no financial implications even in an event of damage.

  • Extras

    Optional extras can make your vacation that much easier. Whether you forgot a cooler, are looking to prepare rice on the road, or need a snow chain to survive the winter roads, EZU has several optional extras you can pick from.

    If you are traveling with kids, extras like booster seats and car seats are a must. These will help you be road compliant while you cruise through Aotearoa.

Hit the Road

Armed with a premium SUV car rental, a vacation in New Zealand is one for the books. With the right travel party, car rental, and a full itinerary, you are all set to see Aotearoa.

At EZU, road trips are what we do. Since 2010, we have helped vacationers experience New Zealand.

Visit our website to find the right SUV for you.

Steps to rent a SUV car

  • 1. Select a vehicle

    Enter the location and time to search for a great range of SUV.

    Select a vehicle
  • 2. Fill in the booking form

    Enter your personal information carefully to ensure there are no problems later.

    Fill in the booking form
  • 3. Booking confirmation

    Complete the reservation and confirm the booking.

    Booking confirmation
  • 4. Pick up the vehicle

    Print the voucher and check you have all the relevant documents you need to collect your rental.

    Pick up the vehicle

Reasons for choosing EZU for SUV car rental

  • High Quality Customer Service

    Free airport and hotel pick-up service

    Open and honest - no hidden costs

    Fast and efficient team

    Warm and friendly

  • Hot Deals

    Great deals from only $19.99/day!

    No cancellation fees

    No Debit Card and EFTPOS fees.

    Credit Card fees limited to 2%.

  • 24-Hour Roadside Assistance

    We provide 24-Hour Roadside Assistance with every car rental. Simply phone the AA on 0800 734 543 with your registration number if you find yourself in a difficult situation.

  • Convenient location

    Each of our branches are located less than 5 minutes' drive from the airport. We offer you a free pick-up service from the airport or hotel to our branch. Simply ring 0800 676710 when you are ready and our friendly team will pick you up.

  • Great choice of models

    Choose from our extensive range of modern, top-quality vehicles. These are well maintained by our own skilled mechanic on site. Where else to you get such wonderful vehicles at such an affordable rate?

  • More Optional Extras

    We are big on safety at EZU. We offer you car seats and booster seats that comply with the law. For your convenience we also offer other things to make your trip more enjoyable.

What do SUV renters say

Real reviews from people who rent SUV cars. Hope these reviews will help you.

What you need to know about traffic rules in New Zealand

New Zealand is definitely a paradise for road trips. The traffic is light, the road is good, and out of the window you can see the beautiful scenery of the north and south Islands. If you are coming to New Zealand for the first time, it is best to understand the New Zealand traffic rules before starting your road trip to avoid unnecessary violations.

  • Keep left

  • Pedestrians first

  • Keep speed down

  • Fasten Seat Belt

What insurance can I buy if I rent a SUV car?


    $0.00 Per Day


    Not recommend

    Excess in the event of damage or loss: $4000 - $6000.

    A pre-authorisation of $1000 will be put on your credit card for this option.


    $35.00 Per Day

    Best option


    NO excess; Zero liability.

    NO credit card pre-authorisation required.


    $25.00 Per Day

    Low risk

    Partial protection

    Excess in the event of damage or loss: $500.

    A pre-authorisation of $500 will be put on your credit card for this option.

SUV car rental Optional Extras

  • Car Seats

    Under New Zealand law, all children under seven years of age must use an approved child restraint appropriate for their age and size whenever they travel in a car. We offer a range of car seat sizes to suit your child, from infants to school age. All of our car seats meet New Zealand/Australian Standard AS/NZ 1754.

  • Booster Seats

    International best practice recommends the use of an appropriate child restraint (or booster seat) until your child either reaches 148 cm tall or turns 11 years old. We offer booster seats for older children to keep them safe and secure while travelling.

  • Navigation Device

    The most recently updated system with 20+ different languages installed. Great for locations where mobile phone coverage is unavailable.

  • Snow Chain

    Carrying snow chains is highly recommended during the New Zealand Winter season (June to August). At this time, some roads may only be passable when snow chains are fitted. All tyre sizes are available so please ask.

  • Chilly Bins

    We've got chilly bins to keep your drinks, cans and seafood cool even under the hot sun. Every great journey starts with a cool chilly bin.

  • Rice Cooker

    Great for cooking meals while travelling. We have two sizes available: Small (5cups) and Large (8 cups)

What Other branch does EZU?

Christchurch Branch

Auckland Branch

Queenstown Branch

Rotorua Branch

Wellington Branch

What car models does EZU offer?

  • Compact


    The price is lower and the fuel economy is better

  • Intermediate


    More comfortable space and better travel experience

  • People Mover

    People Mover

    Accommodate more passengers and more space for luggage

  • Campervans


    The best choice for vacation travel

  • Bus


    The best choice for group travel.