With 1/3 of New Zealand made up of national reserves and Christchurch's public transport system constantly found lacking, you wouldn't be blamed for planning ahead and thinking about car hire for your next visit. Some places are just impossible to get to without your own set of wheels.

If you've got big plans for your stay in the city, read on for our quick car hire guide to the top benefits of renting a car and why Christchurch car hire will make your stay that much more comfortable.

  • Freedom


    There's no better feeling than jumping behind the wheel of your own car with nothing between you and your next destination. Car rental in Christchurch affords you the freedom to get around on your own schedule.

    Even better, when you hire a car, you're able to travel to places that are not on any dedicated route. If you're keen to visit one of the South Island's hidden gems or get off the beaten track and discover some for yourself, a car rental is the way to go.

  • Comfort


    One of the top benefits of car hire for many is just how easy it makes your time in Christchurch. You can take things at your own pace, come and go as you please, and have everything that you need right alongside you.

    Whether you're visiting for business or pleasure, life is a whole lot easier when you can store all your bits and pieces in your Christchurch car hire with no limitations on what you can take along for the ride. You'll be singing along to your favorite tunes while you pass all the people standing in the cold waiting for the bus.

  • Affordability

    Renting a car can save you tons when compared to paying for taxis or a driver for the day. Car hire also means you won't have to worry about vehicle maintenance costs, organizing a separate insurance policy, or having to manage multiple payments split between buses, trains, and airfare.

  • Meet Your Technology Needs

    One of our top car hire tips is to choose a car that will make your travels as easy as possible. Top-quality models come with all the bells and whistles such as panoramic displays, blind spot monitors, and collision avoidance systems. If it's something that will take your travel around the country to the next level, you'll be able to find it in your Christchurch car hire.

    One of the optional extras you'll find includes a navigation system so you can get around the South Island with ease. Each one is installed with over 20 languages and will get you out of a bind even when there is no phone service.

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Christchurch car hire makes life easy so you can focus on getting out and about in the city and beyond. If you're keen to get started on your next car hire adventure, head to our booking page to get a quote and pick out your next travel companion from our large range of Christchurch rental cars.