Samsonite Ibon: The game-changing suitcase without zips

Travel News from Stuff - 18-12-2023
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Let me tell you an embarrassing story. I have a difficult relationship with zips. Jacket zips, tent zips, bag zips – you name it – I break it. Up until recently, my travel suitcases all had zips, and they were all in varying states of decay.

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I think the problem stems from overfilling my suitcase and putting too much pressure on the zips.

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Anyway, the moment I realised I had a serious issue was on a flight to Europe. While I was waiting for my baggage, I saw a giant transparent bag wrapped around a suitcase with clothes everywhere. I had a little chuckle to myself, until I noticed a pair of familiar underwear.

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I’d used my suitcase with only one of the two zips working, and it’d sprung open en route.

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That was a few years ago, and I’ve long been looking for a solution to my zip-disorder. It’s finally arrived.

Luggage giant Samsonite has released the Ibon, which is a zipless suitcase. I immediately ordered it, and have now had it for several months.

Instead of a zip, it’s got a central locking system – essentially a knob that you twist to snap it shut. There are also two latches at either end of the case to help it keep secure.

What I also really like is the design. When you lie a traditional suitcase on the ground, you open it from the side and everything on the top flies everywhere. The Ibon completely rethinks that. When lying down, you open it from the front, and it splits in half. It’s best explained by having a look at the pictures.

To ensure your clothes don’t fly everywhere, each section of the suitcase has an adjustable flap that keeps your belongings firmly in place.

I’ve now used this case for six months – and it’s impressive. The flip-open design means it takes up less space when unpacking, and I’m not at risk of breaking a zip. Samsonite Ibon from $669. See:

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