Got larger than average ears? Think twice about these high-end headphones

Travel News from Stuff - 18-09-2023
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The kids are in bed and my wife is helping me measure a body part. Google says to achieve an accurate reading, you need to start from the outer rim and then take your final measurement from the soft fleshy part. It turns out that calculating ear dimensions is harder than you think.

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Another Google search reveals that my lugs are merely millimetres bigger than the average male’s, but I still can’t get Shokz Open Fit Wireless Headphones to fit properly.

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While the wraparound bone conductor earbuds are supposed to sit on top of the ear canal rather than tucked inside, the earbuds flap on the outside right next to the piece of cartilage called the antihelix. On my wife’s petit ears they look much better.

I spend a great deal of time trying to adjust the earbuds while analysing brand photos of other people – mostly with smaller ears – wearing them. The user guide says to rotate the ear hooks along the auricle (outer ear) to achieve proper positioning. They still ping back out of place.

Regardless, I try them in a quiet home environment, in the car, at the supermarket, and while travelling by bus and aeroplane – the latter of which I can barely hear anything. Increasing the volume to achieve an enjoyable listening experience, my phone warns me that I’m about to click over to dangerous ear-blasting levels.

When holding them down in the right position over the ear canal the sound quality is spectacularly crisp. The high frequencies are crystal-clear and the bottom end is warm and punchy. Using the app you can adjust the levels to suit your personal preferences. Some of the other features are great, too.

Tapping the side of each earbud stops the audio, and you can hear ambient noise over the soundtrack, a brilliant detail if you like to stay in tune with your surroundings. They are lightweight and one charge gives you up to 28 hours of listening.

Unfortunately, the earbuds are not ideal for this big-eared user and I put them back into their slick pocket-sized carry charging case feeling a little bit deflated. $289,

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